About process


System Quality Management


Conduct a comprehensive review of quality and risk management in accordance with the company's requirements to ensure that each process meets the company's quality management requirements and provide products and services that meet the company's brand value.

internal review

According to the operation of the company, review all management processes of the company and seek opportunities for improvement. Designate or entrust a professional third-party organization to conduct a special review of the company. Through a professional external review organization, the company can objectively reflect the operation of the company, find problems, and continuously improve its own management.

customer review

Fully understand customer quality requirements, convert customer needs into management requirements and internal control standards, and propose solutions according to customer needs. Key major customers go to the company for on-site quality review according to their own business requirements to confirm that they meet the customer's quality control requirements.

Inspection mechanism

Conduct a comprehensive assessment and inspection of the implementation of the company's important management processes, supervise the implementation process, review problems and emergency risk items, and find improvements and system updates.

Use risk management methods to assess and control quality risks

Develop special procedures to control high-strength and risk forgings

Carry out pre-control to ensure that risks are minimized before products are delivered to customers

Have adequate control measures and contingency plans for all processes involving product quality and customer satisfaction

Carry out strict process control to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction in case of emergency

According to demand, product liability insurance can be insured for important products of important customers. Reduce business and customer use risks