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Heat Makes the Difference

We offer a complete line of heat treating services, including annealing, hardening, precipitation hardening and tempering for customers in the medical, general industrial, automotive and defense industries. Our objective is to support your needs while maintaining high quality standards and provide on-time delivery.

He same piece of steel can be stiff and brittle, soft and malleable, tough and springy. Heat makes the difference. Precise heating, quenching and cooling changes the crystalline structure of metals, giving us control over their hardness, strength, ductility and elasticity. Heat treating is essential to creating springs, cutting edges and hardened components.

Our heat treating, annealing and quenching capabilities allow us to treat components with the precision you expect from the HuaTuChang name.

Have a special heat-treating need? Let’s talk about it and see how you can put a legend on your line.

HTC by the Numbers

With 35 years’ experience, ITAR, ISO 9001:2015 and FFL certifications, HTC’s objective is to provide quality forged parts used for any application. With 10+ machines , including 400 ton to 1600 ton Guangdong forging presses , as well as a fully equipped in-house tool room and complete secondary service options , we have the capability to complete partial to full assembly of your single or multi-component part, while shortening your supply chain.