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The aluminum alloy frame has the advantages of light weight, good elasticity and good moisture oxidation resistance.

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We forge accessories for the bicycle industry. Bicycles are one of the industries that use aluminum alloys the most. Our more than 20 years of experience in forging bicycle accessories allows us to fully understand the needs of our customers. In addition, we also have forged accessories designed by our own engineers. We Very proud of the research and development achievements in exercise bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, etc.

As a new type of transportation, electric bicycles have added batteries, motors and other components, so manufacturers have to consider using special materials and structures to reduce the weight of the entire vehicle. We are committed to using our forging process to make more Lighter, better-structured parts, our surface treatments also adapt them to more complex environments, making them more durable.

People always ride mountain bikes to places with complex environments, and the durability of mountain bike accessories is a big test, but based on our engineering experience, our forging engineers and forging presses can handle this challenge well and solve manufacturers' problems. problem

We can manufacture everything from a complete vehicle frame to a small lock