A Driving Force

in Manufacturing

The automotive and new energy vehicle markets rely on our aluminum alloy

forged accessories to withstand demanding tooling applications and perform

essential driving functions

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The Speed to Innovate

HTC supports OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to serve the new energy vehicle industry in a variety of ways. From car sunroof rails to battery housings to forgings like brake calipers, our machine, die and die steels help shape every part of the automotive industry. Through our integrated manufacturing process, we can quickly adapt to the changing needs of the industry for automobiles and new energy vehicles.

As Asia's leading supplier of forged parts, HTC formed parts can be found in cars on every road. We make professional molds by ourselves, and our professional technicians and advanced forging equipment can meet strict customer requirements.

We can forge many types of aluminum alloys to help our automotive customers meet different needs.

Through our excellence in manufacturing technology, we provide various key precision components for the automotive industry, such as automotive battery pack lower box trays, automotive water-cooled components, automotive brake calipers and other forgings, through our hot forging process can extend the product The strength and toughness required for a long service life.