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Quality Assurance Capability

Fully understand customer needs before supplying, organize relevant departments to review customer needs, and ensure that customer needs are implemented.

Document agreement: understand the customer's requirements for quality system, confidentiality, compliance, safety and environmental protection commitments, etc.

Product requirements: understand the implementation standards, acceptance standards, and use environment of the required products, understand customer requirements and propose reasonable use plans.

Declaration of use: Make it clear with the customer that the product shall not be used in the designated high-risk industries, and shall not be supplied to customers who violate relevant international regulations.

Packaging protection: The default minimum requirements are implemented in accordance with international, national and industry-approved standards, and packaging and protection solutions can be customized according to customers and specific products.

Delivery cycle: According to the customer's delivery requirements, choose the economical, fast and safe delivery method, and deliver the goods to the customer's designated location in time.

Payment Conditions: Payment conditions comply with applicable laws and regulations to ensure legal compliance of both parties' transaction payments.


Dongguan Huatuchang Hardware Products Co., Ltd.'s high quality requirements are our common goal with our global partners.

In addition to process and product quality, delivery reliability, environmental and social factors are also within the scope of the evaluation project. Trained auditors have a high degree of comprehensive understanding of the processes involved in the manufacture and service of products and can confirm products and processes on site.

As our quality demands continue to grow, supplier development activities are also expanding according to customer expectations.

To ensure the best audit process, we have a series of customized audit tools, which are unified and standardized. According to the standardized process and results, we can share, compare and apply audit information.

The goal of supplier development is to ensure that the quality and environment meet the target requirements, establish long-term cooperative partnerships, and reduce non-conforming costs.


In order to ensure the delivery of qualified products to customers, a complete product quality control plan has been formulated in each process from receipt to delivery, which is carried out by qualified professionals according to the control plan.


For the products provided for the first time by suppliers who have cooperated for the first time or by existing cooperative suppliers, the first article inspection process is carried out, and the first article inspection report is issued by the laboratory.


The company has customized the quality inspection software, carried out systematic quality inspection process management, and realized the automatic management of inspection plan and inspection data. The inspection data is judged and reported by the quality inspection system, avoiding human errors.


The inspection is carried out in accordance with the corresponding international and national standards and the customer's ordering standards, and the applicability of all inspection items and standards has been verified before implementation. There are laboratories certified by CNAS for product quality control. For inspection items and methods, see Laboratory Management


All inspection equipment has prepared a calibration plan and implemented it according to the plan, carried out according to the period inspection and maintenance plan, and confirmed the use of forward inspection to ensure that the equipment is in normal condition.


According to whether the materials are of great concern to customers, high strength, and used in important locations, the company lists such materials as important materials, and carries out key control by doubling the normal sampling ratio during incoming inspection.


With the qualification certificate of quality inspector, after internal assessment and authorization, the operation is carried out according to the scope of authorization. Regularly organize external proficiency testing and training to ensure that necessary proficiency is maintained.