Forging the

Future of Flight

The world's leading aerospace manufacturers rely

on HTC components for some of the toughest tasks.

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Taking our Products to New Heights

At HTC, we are focused on continuously improving our processes and capabilities, allowing us to meet the most demanding requirements of the aerospace industry. We understand that every part we produce matters, which is why we relentlessly focus on quality, safety and reliability.

Commercial airliners and the fastest military jets have high requirements for seat performance, ensuring a more stable, safer and more comfortable experience for users during use. HTC forgings are trusted on every takeoff and landing.

We are proud to know that our parts must meet the highest standards in the industry. Our aluminum alloy fixed structural components are used in various parts of the world's most advanced aircraft, reducing weight while maintaining the high density, toughness and strength that our forging technology is able to achieve, allowing aircraft to fly safely and efficiently .

HTC proudly manufactures forgings and composite components for space applications such as rocket engines and fuel systems for satellite launches, crewed flights and even missions to Mars.